Are you ready for a unique experience?

The Future of Gaming has arrived!

It’s time to level-up and step into the game with our immersive, high-adrenaline Virtual Reality experiences.

Located at Cityside Retail Park, our VR Machines and Booths allow you to take gaming to the next level by using your entire body as the controller. Simply put on our VR headset and you’ll be immersed in new realities. Using your coordination, reactions and movement, you’ll navigate the many worlds and levels of the games.

Birthday? Group day out?
Or just want to try something new?

VR CityX is for you!

Play solo, or as a group with up to 4 people! Pick-up your lightsaber and move to the music in Beat Saber, build your own world with Minecraft or choose your weapon and let the fight begin as you become John Wick!

With over 300 different games to choose from, you will find a new experience each time you visit.

Our VR Arcade also offers gaming experiences you won’t find anywhere else in Ireland – plus there’s no need to book! Simply pay per play.

To get your game on simply book your booth online or by phone, and our staff will do the rest when you arrive.

Group Packages are also available.

Time to press start…